Current activities – Security investigations

Dan Inspektion is now handling security assessments and investigations of, among other things, transport terminals. The investigations are handled by former police trained investigators, with a view to critically examining existing security measures; assess the need and use of security, so that an analysis of the security needs and possible measures for the individual company and terminal can be completed.

Based on the analysis several impartial recommendations are given for technical solutions, administrative changes and initiatives as well as general advice for how existing admittance control, surveillance etc. can be used optimally.

It is our experience that the impartial and external critical evaluation of even well secured companies and terminals, can contribute constructively to a reduction in wastage, unauthorised access as well as actual theft. Our consultants will willingly undertake a no-obligation and cost free visit to your company with a view to giving a more detailed introduction to our concept.

Please note this is not an accredited job.