About Dan Inspektion

Accredited inspections and sampling

Dan Inspektion acts as the impartial party in connection with deals and deliveries of goods and services between domestic and foreign players.

Our customer segment is insurance companies, shipping companies, freight forwarders and transport companies, analysis laboratories, grain and feedingstuffs manufacturers, steel producers and wholesalers, inspection companies and players operating within production and trade who require an independent check of shipments.
Dan Inspektion is a privately owned DANAK accredited company, internationally standardized under DS/EN ISO/IEC 17020.

Impartiality, quality and safety requirements and control are overseen by DANAK at fixed intervals.

As a partner, Dan Inspection’s participation is a guarantee that quality and quantity are in line with agreements entered into between sender and recipient, and that the quality, handling and shipment of goods are in accordance with what has been agreed.

Dan Inspektion performs all forms of sampling – both contract based and customer specific.
As an accredited sampler, there is a guarantee that the task will be performed with the highest degree of accuracy, impartiality and quality. All types of sampling for private and public companies can be carried out or provided through our network of accredited inspection companies in Denmark.

Dan Inspektion carries out and provides the analyzes of grains and feedingstuffs, wood pellets, silage, fertilizer and so on through local and international analysis laboratories.

Analyzes are made either according to contractual standards or customer specific agreements.

Dan Inspektion is a member of the Danish Association of Weighers and Measurers / Uni-Inspection. Uni-Inspection ensures a continuous and mutual development of concepts for sampling and inspection, knowledge sharing and nationwide services.